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The house of Books

The Nordlight House of Books is a haven for stories, readers, travellers and writers on the island of Vanna, at the northern end of the European continent. A century old white house, with thirteen magical windows looking towards the Barent’s Sea and the Northern lights.

After 30 years of voyaging around the World the one thing I learned is that each of us is a story written by the people we met and the places we lived. So I decided to create a haven, a refuge, a harbour for wanderers wishing to share stories. Nordlight is in the Arctic, so we will collect and protect whatever written at the cold ends of the planet, and the oceans in between. A special section will tell the story of Vannoya, the nearby islands, its history and its people. Another section will be devoted to the Sea, and another to the Polar regions.

The upper floor

            The library will be always open, for neighbours and travellers alike, and the nearby house will work exactly like a mountain hut, providing warmth and comfort.

            Geo4Map of DeAgostini group, Italy’s historic map and atlas publisher, will generously provide the maps, charts and atlases of the World and the polar regions, in several languages. Iperborea, the editor specialized in Nordic authors, will offer a comprehensive collection, while Sirene magazine will be available in English.

            Everyone wishing to contribute with personal stories, books, historic pictures, artifacts and objects with a story, are all welcome at Nordlight house of books.

Print now  The House of Books
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