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Imagine an island, larger than Elba, with no other visitors. An island with seven beautiful mountains, dozens of kilometres of footpaths, a handful of fishponds, and a long wild coastline. And at the far end of this island, between the lighthouse and the beach, a 15-hectare private park inhabited by eagles, hares, reindeer, moose and countless other birds. All just outside the many large windows of your private library. The midnight sun here caresses the last island before the ocean. A summer at the end of the world. A summer at Nordlight.

Nordlight means complete autonomy to make the most of your time. You can walk at night with the sun close to the horizon, go fishing early in the morning, read by the fire all afternoon in the library, play the challenging nine holes of our Arctic golf course, tour the island’s beautiful beaches and lakes, climb breathtaking mountains. Without ever locking the door, without ever taking the keys out of the car. Ideal for families with children and young people of all ages, who can discover the world as it once was, with lots of nature, lots of animals, and few, respectful humans.

Choose how best to discover the value of your time. At Nordlight you can:

  • loose yourself among the hundreds of volumes in the library;
  • conquer one or more of the island’s seven peaks, which together offer 6000 metres of more or less breathtaking ascents;
  • doze off with binoculars in hand counting the myriad birds that nest on our peninsula;
  • hire a boat to go fishing for the famous Arctic halibut;
  • walk to the majestic Skjpfjorden, surrounded by vertical cliffs and embraced by crystal-clear beaches;
  • dive into the cool waters of Svartvann, a deep blue pool at the foot of a large rock amphitheatre;
  • challenge the fearsome 9 holes of the Nordlight links, a golf course designed in the style of the old Scottish courses, a long fairway between rocks and heather meadows along the Nordlight coastline, a stone’s throw from the sea.

Here a perfect winter view of Vannoya

The island of Vannøya, the water island, is one of the northernmost islands of the archipelago north of Tromsø, and all beyond the 70th parallel north. It is actually a typical Norwegian island, with many small wooden houses, mostly simple and colourful, three fish factories, three small shops where you can find almost everything you need for cooking, home and garden, and 800 very nice inhabitants, a little reserved, sometimes rough, but always helpful.

Print now  Midnight at the End of the World
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