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Our ski-sailing expeditions try to avoid the crowded Lyngen Alps to concentrate on smaller islands which are difficult to reach by land. We sail and ski on Vannoya, Kagen, Arnoya, Senja and other lesser known, faraway places. All these islands have convenient ports with basic services and also local transport so that skiers can try different peaks or one way routes. Being sailboat based, besides the pleasures of sailing in itself, means to be always able to find an ideal mountain in any weather.

Practical information

When: custom departures between March 1 and May 1 without mountain guide. Departures March 13 and March 21 with mountain guide.

Where: cruises start and end very close to the airport of Tromso. Occasional one way cruises to and from Skjervoy.

Weather: classic Atlantic winter weather, changing frequently. At least 2 bad weather days must be expected. Temperature ranges between –13 and 0. Water in harbours occasionally freezes. Wind conditions vary greatly and a couple of windy or even gale days can be expected but most sailing is done in sheltered waters. Seas are generally calm or choppy in the fjords. Snow conditions are always excellent in March and varies in April depending on the wind.

Aurora Borealis: the area is blessed with magnificent Auroras, that can be enjoyed until around April 10, very rarely later as the light is often excessive

Route: the cruise is organized according to the weather between Tromso and Skjervoy. The harbours used are Oldervik, Nordlenangen, Skjervoy, Vannvag, Lyngen and Uloy. Basic services such as electricity are present in all harbours.

Vessel: Swan 44 Cadeau. The cruises with mountain guide will be with 2 vessels.

Equipment: the normal skialp equipment will be fine on the boat as well. Sleeping bag is essential. Ski equipment can be rented in Tromso at around 280 euros a week.

Charter rates and cruise types:

· without mountain guide: 1000 euros for 8 nights/7 days cruise, plus shared expenses (average 150 euros per person per week)

· With mountain guide (minimum 6 pax): 2800 euros a week included flights within Europe, full board

A typical day: according to the weather, skiing is generally arranged around the middle of the day, while sailing in the morning or during the evening if necessary. Sailing pleasantly among the Norwegian islands  covered with snow is simply magnificent and we often search for a perfect line of ascent while sailing silently right under the slopes.

Print now  Ski and Sail Norway 2020
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