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In cooperation with Lavvu Arctic Camp, we propose a unique adventure to discover the real life of the North, in a modern and sustainable way. We propose, for the end of april and the beginning of may, a unique combination of skiing, sailing and arctic camp real experiences such as dogsledge, skikite and discovery of the local heritage

WHAT : Sailboat, skiing and local culture. Our Swan 44 ‘Cadeau’ with join forces with the Lavvu Arctic Camp, a lively experience in a lively community in the Arctic region of Finnmark, in Norway, 400 km north of the Arctic Circle. The name comes from the Lavvu, the Sami tent so simple and yet perfect shelter to dwell in the harsh Arctic winter enviroment. True is that “Less is more” and with less we can really do more.

HOW: The camp. Three small Lavvu, made with organic cotton, heated by high efficiency stoves, and a big one for cooking and socializing around a bonfire, will host between 4 and 6 guests and will be the base for land activities. The boat, a classic Swan built in 1976 will hosts between 3 and 4 guests, and will also carry the guests to the different skiing areas.

Local food from the fjord, and the few herders and farmers, zero waste, composting toilets and a polar greenhouse to produce our own vegetables. And a little wooden hut to help us building the camp during the dark months.

WHEN: end of april beginning of may 2020

WHERE: Loppa is an archipelago between the Norwegian regions of Finnmark and Nord Trøms, around the 70 North parallel. . An archipelago offering 4 glaciers, rivers, torrents, many lakes, mountains rising from the sea up to 1200 meters and the Finnmarksvidda, the second biggest, and roadless, plateau of Europe stretching from the North Atlantic Ocean to Russia. A wilderness temple.

An archipelago with a real community of people living with nature and not against it, and the Sami, the oldest and only real nomadic people of Europe. So much to learn from them.

The dogs

The kind of experience we want to offer is all about living in the snow with respect and love, enjoying the incredible playground that the Arctic winter can offer, without disturbing the fauna and flora, so delicate here.

WHAT TO DO: Skiing in the silence of white forests and amazing glaciers, observing the reindeer migrations, meeting a moose or an arctic fox, sailing in the fascinating Norwegian fjords, kayaking among orcas and whales or sailing traditional wooden Norwegian and Sami boats, the predecessors of the most known Viking boats, and, probably, the most loved experience, sleddoging across the Finnmarksvidda Plateau, stopping for a tent camp in the white, or in one of the cabins, meeting incredible people, sharing, learning how to live with less. To say nothing about the ski touring experience, from sea to summit, and where the only lift is you, or snowkiting in the best area in the world. In other words “Skiing by Fair Means”.

All the gear we will use are sustainably built, the result of our projects, working with companies who are seriously committed to an ethical and clean way of building the best equipment, following the principle of the Circular Economy.

HOW MUCH: both the camp and the boat are on a basis of 100 euros per day, plus expenses, average 250 euros a week. Mountain guide 300 euros per day.

Print now  Discover the Arctic
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