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Nordlight X provides insights, experiences and travels in high latitudes. All our journeys are tailor made.

Sailing the Lofoten Archipelago, for sailors who sailed almost everywhere without knowing they just missed the best sea.

Sail and ski in the Lyngen Alps and outer Islands, ski-sailing expeditions for all levels of expertise who dream of virgin powder

Digital detox in the Vestfjiorden Go back analogic on a small and amazingly beautiful sland in the Vestfjorden, in Northern Norway. The island has no shops and no bars. Guests will choose their accommodation between private houses (classic Norwegian houses built in the 18th century), or sailboat / motoryacht. We accept a maximum of 4 persons. The inhabitants of the island require maximum privacy and guests are invited to sign a NDA about the location and name of the island.

Northern lights tours in Senja Aurora hunting from a sailboat has the great advantage that our guests can enjoy the view from the boat, meaning that we will have a different perspective and a different view every night. Some places are truly magic for auroras, and the islands of Senja and Sommaroy are among the blessed corners of the Arctic where the lights are more impressive and scenic. The main advantage of the sailboat is that we spend the night in far from cities and other heavily lit areas. �

Sailing charters in high latitudes. Discover our offers in Patagonia, Greenland and Alaska

Sail around the World. Join our partner vessel milanto in her world tour starting January 2020.

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Print now  We are Nordlight
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