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We selected for you the five islands in Europe to see before you die

Ile de Sein – France


One of the wildest and most incredible islands of the planet. This handful of rocks off the west coast of France would be impressive enough without civilization on it, but the Britons tamed it and built a charming village too… Add a magnificent Atlantic light that changes every minute and the local oysters, and you achieve perfection

Christianso – Denmark

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This outstanding Danish outpost in the Baltic could win the competition if there was a good place to eat and drink, but I am afraid there isn’t. Still the combination of a rugged rocky coast, beautiful beaches and amazing fortification towers and lighthouses make this island the best of the Baltic Sea.

Stromboli – Italy


This is the only place in the World where Ingrid Bergman fell in love. Powerful, charming, fascinating and with an excellent gourmet scene.

Kastellorizo – Greece


The Italian lampoon gang of the movie Mediterraneo fell in love with this perfect Greek island and won an Oscar. Far away from the main Greek tourist drag, Megisti is a place where you are just content to exist.

Kornat – Croatia


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    Print now  The most beautiful islands in Europe
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