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West coast of Corsica

Sailing between the wilderness of Cape Corse in the north to the island of Lavezzi in the south offers such a wide variety of landscapes to leave amazing memories forever. Then you have fortified villages where you’d buy every cubicle, some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean and perfect brochure waters. Even the rotten character of the corsicans will not spoil the voyage, provided you are not French.

Highlights: Cape Corse wilderness, the village of Centuri, Saleccia Beach, Calvi, the red stones of Girolata, the Silver Beach, Bonifacio and Lavezzi.

Duration: between 10 and 14 days

Charter rates: a catamaran for 6 guests costs 10000 euros a week, a luxury monohull like an Oyster 655, 16000 a week.


The Amalfi Coast

It’s not a mystery that Capri, Positano and Amalfi are like a charming elixir concocting love at the first sight of the endless romantic terraces, alleys and views in full blossom all around the coast. But it’s the lesser known but even more intense and perfect beauty of Procida, Ventotene and Ponza that really marvels Italians and foreigners alike.

Highlights: Procida, Positano, Amalfi, Capri, Ventotene, Ponza and Palmarola

Duration: between 7 and 10 days

Charter rates: a catamaran for 6 guests costs 10000 euros a week, a luxury monohull like an Oyster 655, 16000 a week


The Ijsselmeer

Yes, even sailors who explored faraway and distant seas barely know this place exists, a non-tidal, artificially secluded inner sea lower than the Low Lands of Holland. But nowhere else in the world you can sail so easily and so safely right into the middle of medieval cities and towns like Amsterdam, Edam, Enkhuizen, Hoorn, Makkum, Stavoren or Muiden. When you enter the bridge under the old tower of Enkhuizen, moor right in front of 16th century houses and sit down at the pub, you’ll feel you are in the most beautiful harbour ever built. And let’s not forget that Horn is the town after which the Cape is named.

Highlights: Amsterdam, Hoorn, Enkhuizen, Vlieland, Markum, Utrecht

Duration: between 7 and 10 days

Charter rates: they vary greatly depending on the service.


The Aeolian Islands

Sail at night under the Stromboli volcano, where hell meets paradise, with a bottle of Chardonnay and a dish of swordfish rolls, and you’ll forget all the troubles you went through to sail here. The Sicilian dreadful logistics, the bottomless anchorages, the missing harbours and the lack of water will disappear in the face of the powerful, bewitching magic of the Aeolian islands. But it must be like that, beauty, pure and distilled beauty is hard to achieve and must be deserved. It’s like the Sea,this perfect archipelago: magical, pure and indifferent of human ways.

Highlights:  Stromboli and Ginostra, Cala Giunco in Panarea, Santa Marina and Pollara in Salina, Filicudi Island and the local food

Duration: 7 days

Charter rates: a catamaran for 6 guests costs 10000 euros a week, a luxury catamaran around 18000 a week, monohull like an Oyster 655, 16000 a week.


The Swedish archipelago

The light in the north achieve supreme perfection, and each sunset, in one of the numberless islands and coves of the Skarsgard, makes you forget the temperature of the water and the flavor of the herrings. It’s perfect, pristine sailing waters, challenging of course, but in every anchorage or in any of the many available docks and harbors you will never wish to be somewhere else. This is the place

Highlights:  Stockholm, the skargard sailing, the numberless islands, the unique light

Duration: 7 days

Charter rates: a comfortable 50 feet monohull with skipper will cost between 4000 and 6000 euros a week


The Amalfi Coast


Print now  The best cruises in Europe
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