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We offer digital detox tours on a small and amazingly beautiful sland in the Vestfjorden, in Northern Norway. The island has no shops and no bars. Guests will choose their accommodation between private houses (classic Norwegian houses built in the 18th century), or sailboat / motoryacht. We accept a maximum of 4 persons. The inhabitants of the island require maximum privacy and guests are invited to sign a NDA about the location and name of the island.

Our digital detox tours gives individuals the freedom and permission they need to truly unplug and decompress. Participants put aside their digital arm to recharge, gain perspective, and re-evaluate their relationship with an analogic world. Participants gain insight into personal lifestyle techniques and practices that keep them grounded and connected even in the most stressed, overwhelming and technologically driven times. In turn, they reemerge from the experience with new found inspiration and tools to create more mindful, meaningful and balanced lives, both online and off.

By providing a truly integrated experience that nourishes both mind and body, while deepening one’s sense of self without the digital distractions of everyday life, we are able to focus on the tenants of connection, rather than disconnection.

It’s not just about unplugging. It’s about rediscovering what happens when we truly plug-in to life. As we disconnect from our devices, we reconnect with ourself, our community, nature and the world at large. Our approach leads our guests to a detox process through nature, beauty and experiences of different kind Our strategy is a drastic deconnection process during which we will push back our experiences at the pre-smartphone era. Our experiences include.

Analog  photography, to regain the feeling of the importance of a sin gle shot

Hiking in nature

Writing, on paper


Conscious & Healthy Eating

Reflection and yoga


No Digital Technology

No Networking

No Phones, Internet or Screens

No Work-Talk

No Clocks

No Boss

No Stress

No Anxiety

No Fomo (fear of missing out)

Print now  Digital Detox Experiences
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