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If one is neither into sailing performance nor into nautical aestethics, the two basic points of a purist sailor, then to charter a Bavaria 50 might be just a perfect choice for a sailing vacation. It’s dumb-ass simple, ferry-wide, dirty-cheap and german-smart.

The story if you expect to buy Bmw quality you are off the mark but the German answer to Beneteau is supposed to offer a teutonic entry level to the amateur sailor without financing the French, and the target is somewhat met. And when you want to fit 5 or 6 cabins in 50 feet you are asking for magic more than engineering, so compromize is essential. And this is what you have, instead of a perfect boat that sleeps 2, eats 4 and drinks six, you have a ferry that sleeps 10, providing 4 are single, eats 8 and drinks a lot.


Outside every Bavaria is the same and it’s necessary to either check the length on the mainsail or to count the kids jumping in the cockpit to guess the size. Style is not present in large quantities but the cockpit is vast and most of the boat is well protected against bumps. Stays and mast are generous, cannot imagine how one could loose the pole on these things, especially with these sails, easy to use but cut so badly one wonders how much effort has been applied in creating them underperforming. The furling main is simply ghastly, but the anchor tackle is robust to compensate, meaning that this vessels are more disigned to stay put rather than move quick.


Inside is what we like more, especially the cabins: wide, airy and well lit. Only problems of the cabins is that probably the germans had heard at some point that matresses sweat damp better if laid on a surface with holes; only drilling many small holes they drilled a few and large so do not be surprised if your limbs find one at some point.

Hooray there is a wide and generous chart table with plenty of storage place for those trifle accessories and publications most good skippers spend their time browsing. The kitchen lies in front of it and the horrendously small 2 fires stove is compensated by the 2 fridges. Obviously the germans do not know that one cooks pasta while preparing the sauce.


Facing kitchen and chart is the main table which is ok for 8, but is so hideously oval that its impossible to find a place where to lay for a siesta.

The two stern cabins are the usual large entities with just enough headroom for sex, while the front double cabin is definitely ok. For some reason we do like the pullman cabins which are perfect size for sailing, kids and crew.

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    builder: Bavaria Yachts
    loa 50.52 [ft]
    beam 14.73 [ft]
    draft — [ft]
    displacement 27,778 [lbs]
    sail area 1,372 [sqft]
    water tank 165 [gls]
    fuel tank 70 [gls]


    toilets 3
    cabins 5
    berths 10

    Prices /week

    low season 3,000 €
    middle season 4,000 €
    high season 5,000 €

    Editor's Rating

    It's ugly, but also dumb-ass simple, ferry-wide, dirty-cheap and german-smart.
    0 User ratings
    Style 3.0
    Performance 5.0
    Seaworthiness 6.0
    Sails 4.0
    Engine 8.5
    Arrangements 6.5
    Systems 7.0
    Print now  Charter a Bavaria 50
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