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IMG00007-20120726-15333Comfort, stability and reduced draft are only some of the great advantages of multi-hulls. Instead they pay duty when it comes to mooring and purchase costs

The catamarans, especially in our seas, are still often evaluated with skepticism.  From my view point, the benefits far outweigh the negative aspects.
Catamarans are more stable and comfortable. The shallow draft allows for greater security at anchor thanks to the possibility to get closer to the shore (although they had always care to properly evaluate the conformation and the dangers).
Navigate also in conditions of lesser heeling reduces crew fatigue favoring a greater control of the medium and thus guaranteeing more safety on board. Even the less experienced sailors would feel safer on a catamaran.

Speed ​​equals safety. The performance of a cat offer further loophole to escape the bad weather. Although less efficient than monohulls in the upwind (not always the case with the newer models), may be faster. This means that even if you are forced to sail upwind with a wider angle to the wind (which implies having to cover a greater distance), there is a good chance to get before a monohull.
Stability. The stability factor is much higher compared to the normal vessel. This makes the management of sails and safer navigation even in rough sea.
Onboard comfort. Its stability can reduce the symptoms of fatigue and seasickness, which is often also caused by fatigue, anxiety, hunger and cold, which create a sense of disorientation.
Anchor. Multihulls have the natural tendency to be more stable at anchor thanks to the system of imbrigliatura between Calum chain and the prows of the two hulls.

Draught. The catamaran has a dive reduced allowing you to explore parts of the coast without danger of stranding.


Management tender. His stern davits allow an easy lift of the tender (and an equally descent). E ‘can also, use dinghy larger displacements can ensure more safe and comfortable.
Redundancy. The twin engine is a safety factor to be reckoned with. In the case of rupture of one of the two there is always the possibility of continuing to navigate.
Maneuverability. The two engines and their spacing provide high maneuverability even in narrow waters and winds.

At present, for catamarans is a little ‘difficulty in finding a berth or annual transit and when you find the rate is higher. But even here the trends are changing.
In the Mediterranean port facilities are few who own basins able to provide assistance to large catamarans.
Unfortunately, the cost of purchase are much higher than an equivalent monohull. Is there anyway to keep in mind one thing: the devaluation over time is lower than that of a boat. This is due to a longer life and the increasing demand, which tends to keep prices high.


Print now  Catamaran vs. Monohull
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