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Our Northern Light experiences are based in the island of Senja and in a small and exclusive islet in the Lofoten archipelago. Accomodation in Senja is sailboat based, while in the
Lofoten it’s private resort based.

Sailboat Aurora tours.
Aurora hunting from a sailboat has the great advantage that our guests can enjoy the view from the boat, meaning that we will have a different perspective and a different view every night. Some places are truly magic for auroras, and the islands of Senja and Sommaroy are among the blessed corners of the Arctic where the lights are more impressive and scenic. The main advantage of the sailboat is that we spend the night in far from cities and other heavily lit areas. +

Northern lights are like strip-tease: the show far outshines the  reasons at the base of it. Often unexpected, seldom boring and always fascinating, these eccentric green shows are far differet than the images we can convey. The speed of change in their shape and form is sometimes bewildering and too fast to leave a focused image in pics. Actually even our eye is sometimes incapablr of focusing the fast trembling curtains, waterfalls and rays of light.  The colour is mainly green in all its possible wavelengths, but violet and purple are not uncommon.

Auroras tend to be like cocktail lovers, eager to explore new places but deep inside faithful to a few favourite drinking spots. Which, needless to say, are far from the cities, which in any case would spoil the show with their lights. Senja, East Lyngen and Lofoten are excellent places to enjoy the show. Keep always in mind that the Aurora is a winter phenomenon, and this means that it’s very cold outside.

Print now  Aurora hunting experiences
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